GMSD Top 5


Need a reason to attend GM schools?
Here’s our TOP 5 reasons that make General McLane one of the bets schools in Erie County, PA:

1.  Friendly & Caring Staff

          “The teachers go above and beyond to help their students”


2.  Rich Academic History

          Graduates have attended Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Stanford among many others


3.  Variety of Opportunities

          Multiple course offerings slotspie and opportunities for academic competition, sports, and the arts


4.  Streamlined Technology

          Technology infused curriculum applies the versatile Mac OS in all our schools


5.  Long-Term Stability

           5 Superintendents, 7 HS Principals, 1 solicitor and 2 A.D.’s  since 1960

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General McLane High School (GMHS) ranks in the 92nd percentile of all schools across the country for academic performance.

GMHS offers AP courses in: English Literature & Composition, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry II, and US History.

GMSD is 1 of 55 districts in Pennsylvania to receive “Out-Performer” status by Standard & Poor’s School Evaluation Services.

GMHS graduates have attended many prestigious institutions including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, University of Connecticut, MIT, RIT, Duke, Stanford, Brown, and Harvey Mudd among others.